Nurturing Transitions

Marcia Barritt brings her caring and compassionate nature to her work with pregnant, birthing, and parenting families.  Marcia's experience began with the birth of her own children.  She has three daughters, one son and three grandchildren.  From her early experiences as a mother she realized the importance of early support, and from those experiences her passion grew and developed.  

Marcia's passion as a doula is defined by her compassion and sensitive listening as she guides a woman to determine what she desires for her birth journey as an empowering experience.  Marcia has comfort tools and positions that will assist the mother and her partner to experience a greater degree of comfort during labor while enhancing labor progress from the beginning of the process to the birth of her baby.  

Marcia is a DONA International and ICEA certified birth doula.  She is also an ICEA and Lamaze certified childbirth educator.  She has worked with mothers using Hypnobirthing and Hypnobabies hypnosis techniques during their labors.  Marcia is also an ICEA approved childbirth educator and birth doula trainer providing not only training but preparation for certification.  She is also an international board certified lactation consultant and a La Leche League accredited leader hosting a mothers discussion group in Brookfield.   

Marcia regularly attends continuing education, conferences and trainings throughout the United States.  She attends these events to increase her knowledge base, and to be a more knowledgeable doula, educator and lactation consultant.  Most recently she has attended:

  • DONA International Conference, July 2016
  • International Lactation Consultant Association Conference, July 2016
  • Spinning Babies Workshop, July 2016
  • ICEA/Lamaze Joint Conference, September 2015
  • more coming soon

About Marcia